OJSC “SPE “AEROSILA” in the international fair “Power plants 2012”

“Scientific&Production enterprise “Aerosila”, OJSC at MAKS-2011

 On November 24, 2010 a ceremonial event with presentation of Certificate of State block tests of TA 14-031 advanced auxiliary gas turbine engine took place at “SPE “Aerosila” JSC.

On the 1st of October, 2010 Act of official development tests of TA14-031 AGTE was signed


From the 8th to the 13th of June “Scientific Production Enterprise “Aerosila” JSC participated in ILA-2010 International Aerospace Show

From the 14th to the 17th of April “Scientific Production Enterprise “Aerosila” JSC took part in international show "Engines-2010"


Scientific & Production Enterprise “Aerosila”, JSC is taking part in the IX International Aviation and Space salon MAKS-2009



The laureates of Zhdanov Prize of the Association of Aero Engines Manufacturers were rewarded at “SPE “Aerosila” OJSC on 04.12.2008.


Joint stock Company “Aerosila” is taking part in the 10th International show “Engines-2008”

Memorandum of cooperation in the sphere of aviation engine-building was signed 22.08.2007

“SPE” Aerosila” JSC participated in the Ninth International salon “Engines - 2006” from the 11th to 15th of April, 2006.

  On the 12th of March was 100 last birthday of the remarkable person and the outstanding designer of propeller and auxiliary power units Zhdanov Konstantin Ivanovich. “SPE” Aerosila” JSC held a grand meeting, devoted to this famous date, which took place in the assembly hall of the enterprise on the 13th of March. That day the guests of “Aerosila” such as representatives of partner-enterprises, official establishments, as well as companions and relatives got acquainted with the photographs, manuscripts, documents, telling about Zhdanov Konstantin Ivanovich as a designer, a talented director and a person, who appreciated life very much, found the beautiful in every day and went hard towards his aim. At the grand meeting Sukhorosov S.Yu., Director General of “SPE” Aerosila” JSC, made an opening speech before the colleagues and guests. After that the staff of “SPE” Aerosila” JSC was congratulated by Knivel A.Ya., vice-chairman of MAK. He read the testimonial and suggested naming the street, the enterprise situated, after Zhdanov Konstantin Ivanovich. The veterans of the enterprise shared their memoirs about Zhdanov Konstantin Ivanovich. Besides warm words in memory of Zhdanov K.I. the speakers emphasized on the necessity to continue his life-work – to design new propellers and auxiliary power units, which would personify the combination of reliability and cost performance.

In “SPE“Aerosila”JSC the plenary meeting of the State Committee on conducting of the State development tests of TA14-30 AGTE’s was held.

“SPE“Aerosila”JSC is at “Air Show China’s 2004”

Visit of Vladimir Mihailov, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force to “SPE“Aerosila”JSC

“SPE“Aerosila”JSC celebrated own 65-year anniversary

“ Presentation of TA18-100 AGTE and AV-36 propeller type certificates”

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