Design and technological divisions of the company are located in the comfortable apartments with the well-equipped and convenient places for a creative activity.

The modern propeller and engine-building are a science intensive production. A number of scientific-technical problems securing the competitiveness of produced articles is solved by the specialists of the company to provide a fundamentally new parameter level of propellers, propfans and auxiliary gas-turbine engines.

The stage-by-stage and broad introduction of the computer technologies is realized at the enterprise in all stages of product development and technological preparation of production. The leading computer CALS-technologies being introduced allow to speed up the R/D fulfillment by 40-60% and to reduce costs by 30% in view of production and application of a science intensive output.

The final goal is a realization of the progressive system of transparent programming with an application of computer technologies from development start time and until employment in lathes with the numerical program controls.


At present the whole project, design and technological documentation is released in computer version only.


The main element in the structure of the enterprise development is the IT-introduction program in all development and production stages of propellers, propfans and auxiliary gas-turbine engines. On the basis of modern information technologies the paperless workflow is incorporated, in the context of which:

  • System of workflow direction is working on the basis of software product PDM Step Suit.
  • Electronic description of all propellers, propfans and auxiliary gas-turbine engines developed by the enterprise has been created.
  • Data of electronic archive of technical data are used for quality improvement of products service, which are in use.
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