Chief designer Poljakov A.M.

Poljakov Anatoliy Michailovich, year of birth-1925. In 1962 graduated from evening faculty of MATI in specialty aviation engines.


Since 1947 worked at the Design Office of mechanical engineering in Stupino. Till 1960 worked as a designer and thereafter as a chief of task group in a process department.


Since 1960 was as a Chief Designer and since 1967 Chief of design department on gas-turbine engines.


He was a highly skilled designer and took part in the design developments of difficult technical tasks.


In 1970 Poljakov A.M. was appointed chief engineer of the enterprise and since 1972 chief designer of the Experimental Design Office.

At work he showed a creative initiative, had a technical erudition, was a good production manager, had authority in the collective. He has a number of inventor certificates .

Government awards :

  • Mark of Honour order 

  • Labour Red Banner order



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