Soukhorossov Yurij Leonidovich - Chief designer .

Soukhorossov Yurij Leonidovich was born on 29 April 1939. Since April 1962 after his graduation from aviation institute in Kuibyshev he started his activity as a design engineer at the Design Office of mechanical engineering in Stupino.

From beginning he showed his worth as a gifted pushing designer and highly organized specialist.

Therefore early in 1967 he was appointed chief of a design brigade on propellers and a year later chief of one of the leading design departments on development of propellers and ball-screw actuators for aircrafts with a wing sweep change.

In these positions he gained authority as a good leader, which was able to organize a creative and friendly climate in the collective consisted of young engineers and experienced leading designers.


Successful activity of young specialist assisted Soukhorossov Yurij Leonidovich in appointment in 1970 to the position of Deputy Chief Designer and in 1972 - First Deputy Chief Designer.


Under his supervision a family of unique screw actuators was created for MIG-23, SU-24, TU-22M, TU-144, TU-160 and other aircrafts with a wing sweep change.


Progressive achievements in the field of materials science, technology and strength analysis were applied in these high-loaded products.


A wide fame of Soukhorossov Y.L. as a technical manager of these works was due to the fact, that high technical characteristics of screw actuators and their reliability were proved in long-term exploitation.

In the seventies he was charged with taking a lead in new direction creation of a family of lift-propulsion complexes for Skat, Zubr, Jeyrun, Kalmar, Omar and Murena ships on air cushion.

A successful solution of this task was marked in 1978 with awarding of the state USSR premium to Soukhorossov Y.L.


But special services of Soukhorossov Y.L. are connected with a creation of a new generation of propellers, propfans with blades made of polymeric composite materials.


In the mid-1970s he started already to initiate works on propfan subject-matter thanks to his particular intuition and professional feeling for advanced technologies.


As a result of great volume of research works and in the mid-1970s creation of the first multiblade single CB-24 propfan with metal blades and first domestic AB-81 propeller with composite blades, the start conception was quasi formed with the help of which Soukhorossov Y.L. showed a perspective and marketability of the new tendency in propeller building to aviation community.


The priority industry-wide task became a task of the propfan propulsor creation for aircrafts of new generation, which are able to provide 30% fuel economy in comparison with bypass turbo-jet engines of the same technical level at equal cruising flight speeds.


The role of Soukhorossov Y.L. in the solution of these fundamentally new science intensive multidimensional and problem tasks cannot be overestimated. In this period particularly he showed his organizational skills, abilities as a designer and scientific way of solution of whole problems range. Skillfully directing the activity of different scientific branch institutes he became actually a technical manager in the branch program on creation of propfan propulsors.


In 1984 Soukhorossov Y.L. was appointed a chief designer head of the mechanical design office in Stupino and continued to conduct his creative and organizational activity on creation of propfans and other aviation equipment.


As a beneficial effect of a work complex carried out under 85 different programs was a creation and in 1988 completion of tests on a coaxial CB-36 propfan of 10,000shp with composite blades.


The main problem task on creation of composite blade with high aerodynamic and mass effectiveness, long life time and reliability was solved headed by Soukhorossov Y.L directly.


It assisted the collective of SPEAerosila to create the coaxial CB-27 propfan, having no analogues in the world, of 14,000shp for An-70 aicraft, the first flight of which took place in 1994 and furthermore to create the family of multiblade propellers with composite blades for aircrafts of new generation: Il-114, An-140 and An-38.


Thanks to an initiative, exactingness and efficient organization of works headed by Soukhorossov Y.L., the production and unique test bases of the enterprise were further developed, which assist now not only to create new products, but to provide their serial output.


His efficient activity directed to a solution of the state tasks was marked with the Government awards Mark of HonourOrder (in 1975) and Labour Red Banner order (in 1986), he is an author of 164 inventions.

For important contribution to development of the aviation industry the rank of honorable aircraft builder was given to him in 1989 and for the scientific proceedings on propfan subjects in the same year the academic degree of Doctor of technical Science was conferred to him.


The school of domestic propeller building was enriched considerably with the scientific proceedings on propfan subjects and practical results received.


In the tough 1990s for the country a prescient and considered policy of Soukhorossov Y.L assisted not only to retain an entirety of the collective and efficiency of the enterprise, but also to provide it with the modern look, especially the introduction of computer technologies.


Successfully solved fundamental tasks on propeller and propfan subjects Soukhorossov Y.L activated in the last years the work on another traditional thematic direction of the enterprise, he set to the collective the actual tasks on a family creation of competitive auxiliary gas turbine engines for application in aircrafts of 21st century: Il-114, An-140, Jak-130, Tu-204, An-70, Be-200, Il-96 and their modifications as well as in Ka-62 helicopters.

His national approach and obligatoriness reside in fulfillment of any tasks, purposefulness and high ability to work, excellent organizational skills and comprehensive technical erudition as well as efficient combination of high exactingness to subordinates not only in his collective of SPEAerosila, but also in whole aviation community of the country.

The whole 40-year labour activity of Soukhorossov Y.L. was inseparably connected with our enterprise
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