The SV-27 feathering-reversible puller coaxial hydromechanic propfan with a hydromechanic RSV-27 governor is intended for installation on the AN-70 transport aircraft, which is being exploited at cruising speed of up to 750 km/h at altitudes up to 12,000 m. The propeller is used together with D-27 13,500 h.p. engine.

The wing blown over provided by the propellers imparts an extra lift coefficient to the aircraft thus enabling a take-off and landing using a runway shorter than 1,000 m. The propeller design has no analogues in the world market. The use of the SV-27 propeller saves up to 30% of fuel in comparison with turbo-jet by-pass engine.

 Wide-chord scimitar shaped blades of propfan are made of contemporary polymeric composites. The propeller is equipped with a thermal electric deicing system. Design of the assembly allows on-wing blades replacement. The hydromechanic RSV-27 with electronic governor enables highly accurate pitch control of propfan, speed change and automatic holding of specified speed in electronic canal with precision of 0,5%, in reserve hydromechanic canal- 0,2%

Technical features :

Diameter, m


Number of blades

8 + 6

Max speed, RPM


Weight, kg


Starting thrust, kgf


Cruising efficiency


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