SPEAerosila JSC using its huge accumulated experience and competence of a developer solves important tasks on repair and maintenance of its products, including carrying out of works, which allow to enlarge operating hours and life times of its articles being in use.

The developed and debugged service system supplied to a customers production assists to provide high competitive facilities on after-sales service of AGTEs and propellers practically everywhere in the world.


  •  Exploitation follow-on;

  • Restoration and repair works;

  • After-sales maintenance service;

  • Operating hours and life times extension according to the technical condition.

  • Training of engineering user-personnel;

  • Providing users with a spare part set;

  • Replaceability of parts and assembly units;

  •   Permanent assistance of engineers;

  • Spare part delivery system;

Studies fulfilled by SPEAerosilaJSC together with the TsIAM, TsAGI, GosNII GA, VIAM leading institutes allowed to extend operating hours and to prolong operation life of 

air propellers:

  •  AV-72 for An-24, An-26, An-30 aircrafts;
  •  AV-24An for An-28 aircraft;
  •  AV-68DM, AV-68I for An-32, An-12, Il-18 aircrafts;
  • AV-2 for An-2 aircraft

and auxiliary gas turbine engunes:

  • TA-6A, TA-6V for Il-76, Il-62M, Tu-154, Tu-154A, Tu-154B, Tu-154M, Jak-42 aircrafts;
  • TA-8 series 2 for Tu-134 aircraft;
  •  TA-8V for An-72 aircraft and Mi-26 helicopter;
  • TA-12, TA-12A, TA12-60 for Il-76MD, An-74, An-74TK-300, An-124, Tu-204, Tu-214 aircrafts

Quality of the products manufactured by SPEAerosilaJSC is provided with the quality system corresponding to the ISO-9001 international standards.

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